Here’s how to text an animated character with a recording of your voice and facial expressions.

Admit it. You’ve always wanted to create an animated character that speaks in your voice and adopts your facial expressions. Well, now you can, at least if you have an iPhone X.

Among the many cool new features offered by the newest iPhone is an addictive twist on the emoji, dubbed Animoji. Apple iPhone X owners can insert any number of animated characters in a text message, thanks to the way the X maps your face. But there’s more. You can say anything you want to convey in the text, and the character speaks in your voice. It even records your facial expressions at the same time, so the character takes on your mannerisms.

Though you can send an Animoji only from the iPhone X, anyone can receive them on an iOS device, a different type of smartphone, or a Mac. Let’s check out how to create and send an Animoji.

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