By Facebook’s latest count, political research firm Cambridge Analytica obtained the data of 87 million users. About 70 million are in the U.S., while the remaining users are spread across the globe. Facebook will be pushing a notification to the top of your News Feed indicating whether you were affected — but if you don’t want to wait, here’s how you can check yourself.

Head to the “How can I tell if my info was shared with Cambridge Analytica?” page on Facebook’s Help Center. Log in with your Facebook account — you can do this on your mobile device or on your computer. When you’re done, remember to navigate back to Facebook and log out.

Based on Facebook’s findings, the page will update to answer the question “Was My Information Shared?” Note that the result is only specific to Cambridge Analytica obtaining data from the app “This Is Your Digital Life” — the quiz app developed by university researcher Dr. Aleksandr Kogan. It is certainly possible that your Facebook data was compromised in another way, by Cambridge Analytica or by a different firm (indeed, Facebook has already suspended two more companies: CubeYou and AggregateIQ).

Facebook is auditing apps, shutting down accounts, locking down APIs, ending data partnerships, and simplifying privacy settings — but this is all reactionary. Keep in mind that this tool is only checking one (large) data breach.

If you’re in the clear, you’ll receive a message like this:

Based on our available records, neither you nor your friends logged into “This Is Your Digital Life.”

As a result, it doesn’t appear your…