Netmarble scored a huge hit in South Korea with its launch last year of Lineage 2: Revolution, a massively multiplayer online game on Android and iOS. But it was never clear if the beautiful medieval fantasy game would be a hit in the West.

So, the company lined up press, advertising campaigns, and influencers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch to promote the game for its November 2017 launch. It even signed up Conan O’Brien to help promote the game at TwitchCon.

And it paid off. The game that features 30-versus-30 matches got more than 5 million registered users in the past two months since the global launch.

I spoke with Simon Sim, general manager of Netmarble US, this week at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the big tech trade show in Las Vegas. Here’s an edited transcript of our interview. Sim will be speaking at the Casual Connect USA Disneyland event in Anaheim, California this week.

Simon Sim: At Casual Connect, I’ll have a 15-minute presentation about our strategy, how we bring Asian games to the Western market — especially more about Lineage 2: Revolution and how that relates to our strategy.

Above: Simon Sim is CEO of Netmarble US.

Image Credit: Dean Takahashi

GamesBeat: Did you have a good holiday season at the company?

Sim: We launched Lineage 2 in November. The launch was quite successful. It had a lot of organic downloads from Western gamers, especially in Europe and Russia. We’re excited about that. We’re still getting a lot of user feedback and contributions to improve the game more.

GamesBeat: Was there some question in your mind as to whether Western gamers…