On a standard Hot Wheels track, cars are placed in a mechanical launcher and shot onto the track to zoom around until they either reach the end or just run out of kinetic energy. There’s not a lot of skill or strategy involved in winning a race; it ultimately it comes down to luck. Products like Hot Wheels AI and Mindracers tried to rectify this with virtual hazards to trip up your opponent, and Augmoto expands on that idea with an AR overlay.

Players control the race from an app but, unlike Hot Wheels AI, they aren’t driving the vehicle directly. Instead, they control the plastic course via a Bluetooth connection. From the app, players can recharge the car and switch the track it’s on, but they can’t control its speed or direction. Each racer has a tiny motor to make the wheels spin, with each charge good for around 40 laps before it runs out of juice. If the car starts to slow down, the player can make a pit stop, sending them back to the starting gate to charge for up to 30 seconds. That may not seem like a lot of time but, as each lap only takes two seconds to complete, your opponents gain a pretty big lead.

Aside from the pit stop area, the other key feature of the track is a pair of silver loops-the-loops. While they certainly look cool and it’s fun to watch cars go through them, they’re also important to the AR experience. If the player times it right they can switch their car to the loop — the switch is only open for a second, so it’s easy to miss your chance. If they succeed in making it through, the app grants them a virtual attack to use against their…