Video: Net neutrality is gone — welcome to biased net

A New Year and a new relationship with our broadband and wireless services providers begin for Americans as we wake up to an internet post-net neutrality.

This is the internet in the age of “net bias.”

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Since the repeal of the net neutrality rules enacted by the Obama administration on Dec. 15, the Tier 1 service providers have all issued statements along with the major trade groups representing them that they don’t and will not block or throttle connections to content and sites.

They have said, emphatically, that they won’t engage in most forms of paid prioritization — the practice of charging sites (and end-users) more for faster delivery of streams and downloads.

Will they stick to these promises? For the next year, while the FCC is under legal challenge, they are likely to keep a low profile and not make significant changes. But, past that, it’s possible subtle changes may occur, which will be slowly rolled out in the hopes that consumers don’t notice them.

When that happens we must prepare to fight back. We must empower ourselves as end-users and stop the content providers that serve us from being discriminated against. We will hold these huge telecoms and regional broadband providers accountable for their actions when they do eventually cross an unacceptable line.

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