Katie Stauffer posted a photo of her daughter Mila standing next to a Marilyn Monroe statue to Instagram on Sunday, the location tagged as the Beverly Hills Four Seasons. The 3-year-old mimics Marilyn by holding her dress up and giving a side-eye. Within 30 minutes, the photo had over 75,000 likes and 500 comments.

“Can you guys come to LA the first week of March?” someone wrote. “I’ll be there then and I’d love to meet you guys!”

“Mila you are way sexier,” another comment, from a woman, read. “You nailed it baby.”

Mila and her twin sister, Emma, have grown up on their mom’s Instagram account. “Welcome to the world sweet nameless girls,” the caption on a photo from 2014 reads — the babies’ faces are new and puffy, their eyes closed. Their C-sections were posted to Katie’s YouTube account the following year.

These days, Katie makes content for more than 3.7 million fans on Instagram — along with substantial followings on YouTube and Facebook, all filled with people devoted to Mila. (Emma is also featured, but is more camera-shy.) The toddler is best known for her sassy, relatable videos, which Katie makes with her husband, Charley, and 15-year-old daughter, Kaitlin. In the scripts, Mila portrays a precocious toddler with opinions on everything from Santa (“this guy has no life”) to working out (a bore).

Mila’s fame online has real-life implications. People stop her and…