Batteries, tools, and Bluetooth transmitters coming from China are some everyday products hit with higher taxes.

Posted on July 6, 2018, at 3:01 p.m. ET

China responded immediately after the new tariffs were imposed at midnight Friday with its own round of tariffs on US products, also totaling $34 billion. The list of these goods includes vapor turbines, super-heated water boilers, parts of dishwashing machines, and nuclear reactors. China’s Ministry of Commerce called the Trump tariffs “typical trade bullyingism” and said it plans to file a complaint with the World Trade Organization.

President Donald Trump didn’t include China in a round of aluminum tariffs that went into effect on the European Union, Mexico, and Canada in June. Yet the tariffs on China are bigger in value.

The new taxes won’t actually affect most US imports from China, she said. The first round of US tariffs totaled $34 billion, but that’s just of fraction of the $505 billion in goods the US imported from China in 2017. And because the tariffs focus almost entirely on machinery and factory parts, it will take time for the cost increases to trickle down to consumers. The initial list of proposed tariffs included a broader range of products, like TVs and flat-panel screens, but those items were dropped after opposition during a public hearing in May.

Still, the tariffs are steep at 25%, so consumers in the market for…