Seeking for help is usually the hardest thing to do.

I used to be shy from asking any help.I had a fear of looking weak in front of my fellows.But, I figured out later that my this thought was wrong for myself.

Once, When, I was doing a project.I missed an essential part of my project because I was too shy to ask for further information.In this way, I did not finish my project in time, and I  did not get any good grade at all.

After my failure, I admit that my biggest mistake was not asking for help.

Things that I learned, when you don’t ask for help at work.They are as follows.

1.Professional Reputation gets affected

When you, are not asking for help.It not only affects your professional reputation.But you are promoting your colleagues that you exactly don’t know what you are doing.And also you don’t have a sense when to ask the right question.

2.You separate yourself from your colleagues

As, I had no communication with my colleagues.They supposed that I did not need any help from them.Some thought I was anti social.This made it hard for people to ask me for help.So in this way, I got separated from my fellows.

3. You Lose Trust

My team and manager got worried about my work ethic and my self-awareness.This thing leads my team to trust me less.

4. You Miss Additional Opportunities for Growth

I had to work hard perhaps I had to work very hard to regain the confidence of my manager and colleagues.Due to this, I missed very exciting and career boosting opportunities.I also missed the chance to make contacts with my client on my wish list.The worst thing I learned that any of them would not trust me again.

I missed opportunities to learn from other colleagues who may have more experience, more education, and more skill than me.

The whole situation was embarrassing.But I found myself lucky for one thing: If my mistake had not been captured.I would have more problem in the future, and I would have left very behind.Because, I was never asking, for help where I had confusion.

But now, when I do seek for help.I do my best to ask it the right way.

Here’s how:

  • Ask for early help to tackle the task.
  • Find the best person for assistance.
  • Be bold about your questions.
  • First, ask in person, then you can summarize it to your fellows through mail
  • Always say thanks after you have been helped out.
  • Find out opportunities to help others in the same way others helped you

No body knows everything, no matter how best they are good in their field. Above all, you limit your professional growth.So,  if, you don’t go for help.You get all the burden on your self.So always ask for help.And don’t shy or feel hesitation!!!!!!