Heading Tags

Heading Tags are very important for every web document.With the help of H tags, we can differentiate our web page content.

As we know, heading tags are imperative for every web document to structure the content. By using H Tags, we differentiate our web page content. Use heading tags for headings only.It should not be used for making Text Large or Bold.  

Definition of Heading Tags

<h1> to <h6> tags are used to define Heading on a web document.


Heading Tags

“According to W3Schools – <h1> </h1> is the first heading which is crucial for any web document and <h6></h6> is the least important heading. It holds little importance in a web document as compared to other H tags. ”

Defined H Tags are:

<h1>some text here</h1>

<h2> some text here </h2>

<h3> some text here </h3>

<h4> some text here </h4>

<h5> some text here </h5>

<h6> some text here </h6>

h1 tag should  be main headings which if followed by further h2, h3 and so on. The h1 is normally  the biggest one whereas h6 font size is smallest.

In other words, we can say that H Tags are used to show the web document structure.

How to use Heading Tags for SEO?

Besides web designing point of view, there are some more things that you should know about H Tags.

Purpose of using Heading Tags

The main reason for categorizing the heading tags is to

As you know now H1 research is the most important tag. So whenever you are going to use it for your webpage heading, Make it in a way that people get an idea about your website by just reading your heading…


Hierarchy on your website  page should be like <h1> comes first which is followed by <h2>, <h2> followed by <h3>, <h3> followed by <h4>, <h4> followed by <h5> and <h5> followed by <h6>.  For better SEO of your web page, one must follow the hierarchy in this way.

Heading Tags with Keywords

Keywords are important for SEO. In the matter, we first do the research of best keywords according to the web page, and then categorization is done. . It’s good to put your focus keyword into the title, Meta tags, and h1 of the webpage.

  Using the H tags especially h1 tag

H1 tag should be used once per web page.Because the h1 tag is just like a newspaper heading.Other material is structured with subheadings.