Haven Life, an insurance subsidiary of MassMutual, today announced that it’s expanding its medically underwritten Haven Term policy to non-U.S. citizens and individuals with chronic illnesses. The unique application process employs artificial intelligence to match applicants with plan options.

“This expansion in eligibility illustrates our core values — to be inclusive and give as many people as possible access to a simple way to financially protect their loved ones,” Haven Life CEO and cofounder Yaron Ben-Zvi said in a statement.

The insurance industry has long been bedfellows with data science —  startups like DataRobot use algorithms to predict which customers have good health prospects. But Haven Life is one of the few firms using it to address the roughly four in 10 people who don’t have a life insurance policy, sometimes as a result of poor health or immigration status.

“Cases where chronic illnesses are present is a point of contention across the industry,” Mark Sayre, head of policy design at Haven Life, said. “We’re in a unique position to innovate the underwriting process so that it’s not only easier to secure coverage, but so that it also has fewer limitations on who qualifies.”

Here’s how it works: Customers complete an application on Haven Life’s website and upload motor vehicle records, driving records, and other requisite paperwork. (Noncitizens living in the U.S. need to provide a visa or green card.) After they submit everything, machine learning algorithms cross-check public records to verify the information and generate new questions. If an applicant…