It’s no longer shocking to hear that some company got hacked and the infiltrators made off with millions, if not hundreds of millions, of user accounts. It happens on an almost weekly basis — so frequently that many don’t even bother keeping up with when their account credentials may have been stolen. That’s where HackNotice, an information security startup providing real-time threat intelligence to consumers, comes in.

HackNotice is a free new service launching today for Android, iOS, and the web to help users stay informed about hacks and data breaches relevant to them. Based in Austin, Texas, HackNotice monitors when hacks occur, notifies you about the ones that affect your accounts, and guides you through the process of recovering from, and reducing the risk of, identity leaks.

You can specify any domain you want to monitor, but there are also 110 suggestions for popular social media, ecommerce, cryptocurrency, financial, and other sites that encompass more sensitive information you may want to track. In addition to real-time alerts, HackNotice also includes historical data: 20,000 “hack notices” going back 10 years.

In private beta until now, HackNotice is run by Steve Thomas, the creator of PwnedList, a similar offering that helped users figure out if their account credentials had been compromised. Founded in 2011, PwnedList was acquired by InfoArmor in August 2013, and subsequently shut down after the site itself was breached in May 2016.

After PwnedList was shut down, Thomas again decided to fight back against account takeovers, a lucrative business for hackers who steal user…