Guest posting is the best way to get exposure to new readers for your blog.This post will explain you about guest posting.

When bloggers write and publish, its post on another blog. Then it is called guest posting. It is an excellent way to get maximum exposure and promote your blog. Guest posting works another way round too; you can ask other bloggers to post on your blog.

Benefits of Guest posting:

1.Helpful in SEO:

Backlinks provide a major role in getting your website rank on Google.Guest post is one of the best ways to achieve backlinks from other blogs.When you put a post on another blog, then the blog owner lets you add Backlinks.In this way, you get more exposure and traffic to your blog.

2.Better Exposure:

When you have a blog that you update frequently, then it is the best idea to begin posting on other websites.Guest posting lets you gain good exposure on top blogs.In this way, you will get the chance to get more readers to your website.

3.Targeted Audience:

Gathering visitors to your blog by paying someone else is not worth, but having readers who are interested in the knowledge you give is for a long term.These types of visitors will keep coming to your blog for more info.They will also subscribe to your blog.

4.Community building:

You should have an online community just like any other offline business community to grow your blog and learn from professional bloggers.Guest posting gives you a bigger platform to connect with readers or professional bloggers.

Guest posting is not that easy as it seems.It has to be done professionally so that other bloggers allow your post to publish on their blog.

Down below  are few points to remember while guest posting:

1.Same niche:

If you want to get the advantage of getting targeted visitors to your web site, then it is advised that you should post on that blog which has the same niche as yours.

2.Research before writing article:

Many new writers take guest posting very light.However, it is really important that you must post the best post to other blogs because you have to attract readers by giving useful information.Your information should not be fake.A few statistics can be provided which will help readers to get real information.Posts that are written after proper research they are most appreciated by readers.

3.Check the guidelines:

The reason behind the many rejected guest post is that they do not meet the instructions.All bloggers have a page where they give necessary requirements of guest posting, and if their rules are broken, then they reject the guest post.Rules like no copy paste are allowed, no illegal links are allowed.Not more then one backlink is permitted.Many people does not pay attention to these rules.However, the blog owner takes a look at these rules seriously before accepting any guest post on their website.

4.Proof-read your article:

It is crucial to read your article couple of times to make sure that it has no grammar mistakes and everything is correct and according to the readers

5.Reply to comments:

It is advisable to reply to comments for the article you do the guest post.It will make your article look more interactive, will engage your readers.

6.Share on social networks:

Social networks play major role,now every thing is driven by socila network.So always share the blog post to social networks in order to increase your readers.Sharing guest post on social networks like twitter ,face book etc is beneficial for both a person who is writing the guest post and the blog owner.

Blogging is all about learning and shgaring new information and guest post is also one of the best ways to do that.Many bloggers think that guest posting is just a waste of timebut it is not true.It is their false thinking.

I think after reading this article you will understand that guest posting is very good and it is fun to do as well.