If you’re the owner of one of Google’s Pixel 2 XL devices, there’s more bad news: some users are reporting that the touchscreen is not responding to touches along the edge of the device, as reported by Phandroid. Users reported the issue on the Pixel User Community, and one user posted a video that showed the screen not responding when being tapped on the edge of the right-hand side. There was also some unresponsiveness on the left-hand side in the video.

One user further states: “I have it towards the right lower quadrant of the phone. It happens all the time while I’m trying to scroll while reading. Screen doesn’t move just sits there. I have to tap repeatedly to get it too scroll.” A Google community manager responded to the concerns, writing that Google has been investigating and the issue will be addressed “in a future OTA update. Stay tuned.”

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The Pixel 2 XL has been plagued by issues since its release, though our review of the device gives it a solid eight, half a point lower than its smaller sibling, the Pixel 2. The device has had issues relating to poor audio recording quality, while Google is also investigating reports of screen burn-in on the device.

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