Google is playing up its expanding cloud footprint in Asia-Pacific and global network coverage as key differentiators in a market, where Alibaba has been ramping up its cloud play.

Google currently operates five cloud regions in the region, including Singapore, Mumbai, and Sydney, with another two soon to go live in Osaka and Hong Kong. This would bring the total to seven by year-end or early-2019, up from just one region two years ago, said Rick Harshman, Google’s Asia-Pacific managing director for cloud.

And the need for potential new locations would be assessed based on customer and partner demand, said Harshman, who was speaking to ZDNet on the sidelines of Google Cloud Summit in Singapore.

He added that cloud was a fast-growing business for the company, clocking more than US$1 billion in revenue a quarter and a three-fold increase in the number of million-dollar deals.

These are global numbers, though, as Google does not break down its cloud revenue or customer numbers by region.

Google’s APAC cloud regions and zones

The vendor in May added its third cloud zone in Singapore and, just last month, announced it was building its third data centre in the city-state. Worldwide, it added 13 cloud regions over the past two years, pushing its current total to 17.

In addition, all its regions in Asia-Pacific have at least three cloud zones, which is a commitment the company has made to ensure customers have high availability and scalability. Each cloud zone is isolated from other zones within the same region. It also…