Are you the kind of person that gets lost, even when using Google Maps? Who doesn’t know which direction you’re facing when the tool says “turn south?” Google Maps has a solution for you.

At its I/O developers conference today, Google said its mapping tool will soon begin using computer vision technology and your phone’s camera to provide visual directions when following a route. A graphic will show you exactly which direction to go, complete with big arrows and street names. It will also show you nearby business and place names for visual reference.

Google Maps will also have a couple of other useful tools. First is “For You,” which will automatically show you information about places in the areas that are important to you, things such as new businesses, restaurants that are trending, or recommendations of things to do that match your preferences.

It will also give you a sense of how close a match something is with what’s called “Your Match,” a score that measures how close a match of a business or place is. The score is based on ratings you’ve added, cuisines you like, and more.

Finally, Maps will also make it possible for you to share what you want to do with friends. You can share a place or business with friends, and everyone you share it with can vote on whether to go there or not, all through Google Maps.

Google thinks these tools will be a huge boon for users and small businesses. It’s not entirely clear when they will be available.