Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), job recruitment tools like Google Hire — the hiring dashboard that’s a part of Google’s enterprise-focused G Suite platform — are becoming faster and smarter than ever before. The Mountain View company claims that Hire has reduced time spent completing common recruiting tasks by up to 84 percent, but it’s not stopping there. Today, it took the wraps off of machine learning-powered features aimed at addressing three specific pain points: calendar scheduling, resume reviews, and phone calls.

The new flow streamlines the process of scheduling candidate interviews. When a recruiter reaches out to a candidate, Hire will automatically suggest appropriate interviewers and time slots. And if the candidate cancels at the last minute, it’ll recommend replacement interviewers based on availability.

Google Hire image

Above: Google Hire’s resume review screen.

Image Credit: Google

That’s not the only algorithmic trick in today’s update. Hire now automatically analyzes terms in job descriptions and search queries and highlights them on resumes, saving recruiters the trouble of having to search for them by hand.

Last but not least, the new and improved Hire puts candidates’ phone numbers front and center with click-to-call functionality, and automatically logs calls to make it easier for recruiters to keep tabs on would-be employees’ progress.

Google Replace Interviewer Hire

Above: Google Hire suggesting interviewers based on calendar availability.

Image Credit: Google

Hire isn’t the first G Suite app to benefit from the power of artificial intelligence. In September 2017, Google added natural…