These days almost no body has a digital camera.Everyone captures moments with smartphones cameras.Mostly those smart phones are iPhones. The iPhone has made for the best quality of its camera.But all iPhone users are not Mac users as well.Some people use Personal computers and like to transfer through iTunes.On other hands, some clients use Chromebooks.It is Googles’think client browser-based machine-as their central computer. Apple and Google may be terrible enemies.But iPhone and Chromebook can work together. This article explains how to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Chromebook using Google Drive.

Begin with Google Drive

Download  Google Drive from App store.

google drive

 Next click on the app icon from your home screen to open the app. When the app is opened. Click on the red circle with a plus(+) sign in the center of it.


After clicking the red circle.different options will show.As, we are concentrating on photos.We will go to two choices that are related to photos.When, the menu opens.You will see an “Upload” and “Use Camera” option.

google drive

Let’s start with uploading.When you, decide to upload.You will be shown another set of choices again.One can upload videos and photos available on the device.

google drive

As we, want to get photos off of our iPhone.Select the “Photos and Videos” option.At this point, you will get alerted to allow Google Drive Permission to open your photos.Click the tab”Ok” to upload. Now you will be shown your on-device photo albums to choose photos.Select the album that has the photos that you want to upload.Then click on photos you want to upload.Click the gray check mark in the upper right-hand section of the screen. If you, want to upload photos directly from a camera.After clicking the red circle.Select the “Use Camera” option.After choosing this option.You will be again asked, but this time to allow Google Drive permission to use the mobile phone camera.Select “OK” to move. With the camera on, take a photo just same like your takes with the regular camera app.When ,the image is captured.You can make another copy or use the one you captured.If you select”Use Photo” your photo will be uploaded to Google Drive automatically.

Retrieving the photos

To recover the photos you uploaded.You will have to download these pictures to your Chromebook from Google Drive.As Chromebook, does not have a significant amount of space.It is there fore not recommended to store a large number of photos on this device.You can access Google drive from By default, Google drive will show ” My Drive view.”It is located in the left-hand column on the screen.By clicking the arrow next to My drive will show you folders you have created.Folders are the best things to organize your photos and other documents in Drive.If you have made a folder in Drive on the web, you can upload photos directly to that folder from your iPhone.For Example,  I created a folder called”iPhone Images” to back up my photos. When you have found the pictures, you want to save locally on your Chromebook.You can download them in two days. First, they can be down load individually.Just click on file to see the image, then hit the download icon at the top of the screen.

google drive

Second, if you want to download multiple pictures, select the pictures and hit”Download” from the drop down menu.If you want to convert your file.another window will pop.It will give you conversion options for the file, Click on the blue download button to complete the procedure of downloading and get your iPhone photos on your Chromebook.

google drive


Hopefully, this will help you better arrange your pictures and be able to save and share the content with your friends.

Download Google drive by clicking on  here.