Dedicated game servers for multiplayer games serve a lot of purposes. They keep the speeds in multiplayer matches high, reducing interaction delays, or latency. They stop cheating and produce an overall better experience for players. But they aren’t easy to build or maintain, and so Google is addressing that with a new open-source platform in a partnership with French game giant Ubisoft.

Google Cloud is introducing Agones, an open-source dedicated multiplayer game server hosting built on top of the Kubernetes platform. It’s a solution for running software across thousands of machines, said Mark Mandel, developer advocate for games at Google Cloud, in an interview with GamesBeat. After working closely with Ubisoft on a cloud solution that combines public and private clouds, Google is seeking more partners now for Agones.

Mandel said that over the past few years, Kubernetes has replaced proprietary solutions and emerged as an open-source, common standard for building complex workloads and distributed systems across multiple clouds and servers. Niantic Labs uses Kubernetes to scale up its Pokémon Go mobile game so that it can handle huge changes in the game’s player base on the fly.

The Agones (Greek for “contest” or “gathering”) open-source project uses Kubernetes to host and scale dedicated game servers. Ubisoft is the first collaborator, but the platform is flexible enough to fit the needs of just about any multiplayer game, Mandel said.

“This enables you to have access to the core building blocks for game servers,” said Mandel. It means that multiplayer games will be easier to…