AI technology has the potential to transform all manner of industries around the globe, and one of the field’s luminaries today unveiled a new startup he’s working on to bring intelligence to manufacturing.

Andrew Ng, who helped start the Google Brain project and previously served as the head of Baidu’s AI efforts, announced, a company aimed at helping businesses in the manufacturing sector transform themselves into AI companies. Ng picked manufacturing because it has a number of problems that machine learning techniques can help with, and AI has the potential to radically transform the industry. hopes to do that by creating and providing software for manufacturing companies, as well as offering educational materials to those businesses to help employees and executives take advantage of new tools. The manufacturing industry is ripe for this sort of innovation, Ng said, adding that his company is working on a number of software offerings that can help solve common problems.

For example, one product that has developed is a visual inspection system that uses images from a camera to identify defects in products. That sort of work is typically done by humans, but Ng said that the company’s software could solve the problem with greater accuracy and efficiency.

Building AI companies is a topic Ng has discussed publicly for some time now, including his views that businesses will have to rearchitect themselves in order to take the greatest advantage of the new technology. is designed to help companies do that. Its name refers to a term for bringing…