Few people genuinely like change, especially when it comes to interface overhauls involving their favorite apps and websites. “That used to be there, but now I can’t find it,” is the general complaint when companies play around with their products. “Why do they have to change everything around!?!

Against that backdrop, Google has today lifted the lid on a significant overhaul of its flagship email product, for both business G Suite users and those on the standard consumer Gmail service. While the overhaul does usher in a new look for the Gmail web app, bringing it into the material design fold, this update is more about throwing new features into the mix than moving things around and causing confusion. “We want to make Gmail the most secure, the smartest, and the easiest to use email client,” said Gmail product manager Jacob Bank, in a briefing with VentureBeat this week.

Gmail has undergone a number of facelifts and feature upgrades in its 10-plus year history. These changes have ranged from aesthetic tweaks to modernize the interface to new features that ensure users are kept up to date with the latest AI and security smarts. The most recent update is a biggie though, according to Bank. “This is the biggest one yet — a ground-up rewrite of our flagship Gmail product, with one eye toward making workers safer and more productive.”

G Suite, Google’s paid productivity service for businesses — which also includes Gmail — appears to be the core focus of this update; however these features will also be made available to standard Gmail users. “The spirit of this update is to…