GitHub is launching a new bot-powered learning lab to help budding developers get up to speed on all things GitHub.

The San Francisco-based code-hosting platform, which hosts some 80 million repositories and claims 27 million users, recently celebrated its tenth year in business. It has been rolling out a bunch of collaboration-focused tools of late, including a team discussions tool to help plan projects and share information, while its Atom text editor now lets developers collaborate on code simultaneously. Indeed, collaboration between coders and teams serves as a core underpinning facet of what makes GitHub tick, and this extends into training, with a dedicated training team previously helping to run in-person and remote training sessions on how to use the GitHub platform.

The GitHub Learning Lab, which officially launches today, builds on GitHub’s prior history of training people, except this time GitHub is using bots to expedite the learning process. There is no videoconferencing or webcasts here.

Above: GitHub bot

“After training thousands of people to use Git and GitHub, the GitHub Training Team has established a tried-and-true method for helping new developers retain more information and ramp up quickly as they begin their software journeys,” the company said in a blog post. “And now, we’re making those experiences accessible to developers everywhere with GitHub Learning Lab.”

The bot helps users work through issues in a repository environment, passing comment on any work that you do while checking over pull requests — notifications of changes you’ve made — in a similar…