Blogging is like a solitary endeavor. You might get lots of readers, but when you see no comments in your comment section. You get feeling as if you are talking to vacuum.

Down below are a few things you can do to get more comment on your blog posts.

Tips to get blog comments

Make It Easy to Comment

Allow the readers to leave a comment instead of asking visitors to register before commenting. This takes out the difficulty of first asking someone to register before commenting on your blog post.

Specifically, Invite Comments

This may sound very simplistic, However, sometimes all you require to do is ask. So if you want comments on your blog, ask readers to comment. In this way, readers will get motivated, and they will like to comment.

Don’t Say It All

It is good to write a blog post that describes everything. Some readers might think of giving a message like “nice post.”However many people will just read and move on. So, if you want to get comments, leave some points out of your post. Then ask readers to give some ideas.

Give response 

If, you want to get comments. Appreciate the comments you get from the readers. By just thanking them for their response it motivates others to do the same.

Market Blog Posts

Few blog readers are inclined to leave a comment so more people that read your blog post. More chances that someone will comment. Spreading your message to as many readers as possible is essential.

Ask for comments

Request your family members to comment on your post to open the door for other readers.

Try these tips to get more comments. They are very easy to implement.


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