How tough is Amnesia?

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How tough is Amnesia?

Post by anmol » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:35 pm

I'm a survival horror veteran, but even I got freaked out playing the first 5 minutes of the JUSTINE chapter! Does it get a lot crazier even? The first one didn't seem quite as freaky, and I played a bit more of that one. Anyway, I love any game that can freak even me out lol! Are these games long? As in are they more survival horror length or more RPG length? I would love to hear your reviews, feel free to comment on anything in the game, I'm not sensitive when it comes to spoilers. Thanks!

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Re: How tough is Amnesia?

Post by Raza » Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:15 pm

I loved Amnesia, and I now have on PS4 as well.

From what I played, it isn't so much tough as it is being scared. I vaguely remember because all those horror games I've played feel the same, mostly cause I played a lot of them back to back, like I just loaded up Amnesia, and I thought the heart was the opening to Penumbra, yet when I think of Penumbra, I think of Dementium's name, of course, that is cause I hadn't considered of them in a long time. Amnesias is the best-looking one. And instead of rambling on cause I don't know the answer, I'd say just play through.

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