This tutorial is about how to format Word text. It is an excellent tutorial for beginners.

How To change the font:

The font of every document is set to Calibri by default.Word provides many other fonts options that you can use to customize text.

1.Select the text that has to modify.

format Word text

2. Click on the drop-down arrow which is located next to the Font box from Home tab.A drop-down menu of font styles will appear.

3.Hover over the mouse on the different font styles. A live preview of the font will show in the document.Select the font that you want to use.

4.The font will change when you select the other style in the text.

How to change the font size:

1Select the text that you want to change the size

format Word text

2.Select the desired font size from the font size drop-down menu.

4.The font size will change as you will select the font size from the list

How to change the font color:

1.Select the text that you have to modify.

format Word text

2.Click on the font color drop-down menu on the Home tab.

3.Hover over the mouse on the different font colors.You will see a live preview of color in the document.

4.Choose the color that you want to  add.The font color will change in the document.

How to highlight the text:

1.Select the text you want to highlight

format Word text

2. Click the Text Highlight Color from the Home tab. The Highlight Color menu will appear.

3.Choose the desired highlight color. The selected text will then be highlighted in the document.

How To use the Bold, Italic, and Underline commands:

1.Select the text that has to modify.

2.On the Home tab, click on the Bold (B), Italic (I), or Underline (U) command in the Font group. In our example, we’ll click on Bold and underline.

How To change text alignment:

1.Select the text that has to modify.

2.Select one out of four alignment options from the Paragraph group located on the Home tab.

How to add Symbols:

Sometimes you have to add a symbol to your text.Word offers a lot of symbols for currency, languages, mathematics, and more

How To insert a symbol:

1.Place the cursor on the place where you want to add a symbol.

2.Click the symbol drop-down arrow located on the Insert tab.You will see a menu of symbols

3.Choose the desired symbol.

4.You will see the symbol in your document after selecting.

I hope after taking this tutorial you can format Word text easily.To download word2016 click here