Video: AI will enable new levels of automation and a consistent customer experience in marketing

Understanding your customer is the key to success for any retailer. That’s a lot easier when you can see them in your store, checking out and looking at your products. But what if they are using a browser to explore your shop online instead? Content Square is a French company that helps retailers to analyse and optimise user experiences on mobile, web, and in apps.

ZDNet spoke to its CEO Jonathan Cherki to find out more.

ZDNet: Tell me a little bit about your company.

Cherki: “User experience is a question of survival in a world where Amazon represents 44 percent of the sales in the US.”

Picture: Content Square

Cherki: Today we have more than 200 people in New York, London, Munich, and Paris. We develop software solutions that help businesses to understand how and why users are interacting with their app, mobiles, and websites. We do this by analysing every mouse movement, every touch, and every swipe in every user interaction, and that helps us understand how we can improve each customer journey efficiently.

Today, customers have things like Google analytics or Adobe analytics so that they understand where they are losing people, but they don’t know what is happening in the page. What is the user experience?

So the main focus of your business is to improve the user experience?

Yes, and to improve people. I think that the best way to improve a company is…