Drones are practically purpose-built for delivery, which is one reason the unmanned vehicle logistics and transportation market topped an estimated $29.06 billion this year. Already, retailers like Amazon and 7-Eleven are piloting autonomous delivery in select markets, betting on a future in which drones fulfill orders within hours (or even minutes).

Israeli drone company Flytrex argues that this future is already here. The startup today announced it is teaming up with King’s Wall Course and Ease Drones to launch what it’s calling the first fully operational “golf course drone delivery system” in the U.S.

Here’s how it’ll work: When patrons at King’s Walk Golf Course in North Dakota start feeling peckish, they’ll download the Flytrex Golf app for their platform of choice, where they’ll see a full list of available menu items from the nearby Eagle’s Crest Bar & Grill. After customers choose from a list of geofenced drop-off sites and place their order, the clubhouse will receive it, package it, and hand it off to a Flytrex technician. From that point on, the drone — with the order in tow — will fly toward the designated pickup zone, remaining airborne until the intended recipient confirms they’re nearby.

Above: One of Flytrex’s delivery routes.

Image Credit: Flytrex

Flytrex said that to comply with existing legislation, the delivery drones —  which were approved by North Dakota’s Grand Forks Park District earlier this year — will remain within line of sight and fly over routes without people below. They’ll also provide real-time status updates via the…