Got too much internet traffic? Get servers on demand from Amazon Web Services. Got too many pallets of physical goods? Well now you can get on-demand warehousing from Flowspace. The startup aims to become the next critical logistics service by making atoms as easy to store and ship as bits.

“We want to introduce flexibility and fluidity into a warehousing market defined by long-term leases on large amounts of space,” Flowspace co-founder Ben Eachus tells TechCrunch.I believe that if we can execute on our vision we will change the way that all warehousing is done in the future.” Flowspace’s software can radically simplify how businesses with excess goods cooperate with temporary storage spaces, ensuring nothing gets lost in the shuffle.

Freight-forwarding “not-a-corn” startup Flexport recently turned the boring business of shipping logistics into one of the hottest verticals in tech. It rejected billion-dollar-plus valuations for its service that ships containers full of goods around the world. And now investors are eager for other startups rethinking the dull, outdated, analog infrastructure that underpins the modern world.

That’s helped Flowspace score a $1.2 million seed round from Y Combinator, Moment Ventures, 1984 Ventures, WndrCo, Vy Capital, PLG Ventures and CES Investments. “On a personal level, [co-founder Jason Harbert] and I both have worked in warehousing and have family and friends who also work in warehousing,” Eachus says. “There’s a lot of satisfaction when you can introduce technology that makes the lives of hard-working people we know a little…

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