It is essential to maintain your Windows10 operating system with security patches and updates. Updating your windows10 machine will ensure its good working.

Windows 10 always provide updates to users at inconvenient times, although it may get stuck while processing. It can be frustrating.

Before you start following our guide on how to fix this problem, you must be certain that your device is frozen genuinely.

How to fix stuck Windows10 update

Step 1.

Ctrl+Alt+Del is the quick fix for the stuck update. This function allows you to access the login screen. And sign in as normal. If that does not solve the problem, some other action may be needed.

Step 2.

Restart your system. Resetting your computer during the middle of installation is really painful, but if your update is stuck genuinely, then you have only this option. For that use your computer’s physical power or press the reset button. Keep this in mind that you might have to hold it down.

Step 3

Boot into Safe Mode. Safe Mode disables everything. However, the absolute Windows needs to run, making sure that any software conflicts, during the update are removed. When the update installs, a user can restart Windows to exit Safe Mode.

Step 4. Perform a System Restore, to safeguard against this type of thing; Windows will usually create a restore point just before applying an update, so you can roll it back if there are any problems. You can access the System Restore function from Safe Mode, or from the Advanced Startup Options if that doesn’t work.

Step 5.

Try using a Startup Repair. You can access the Startup Repair tool from the Advanced Startup Options screen. This tool can sometimes fix underlying problems that are hampering the update process.

Step 6.

Do a clean windows installation. It is a little nuclear option. But if all the above solutions cannot fix the problem, this is the solution.

You might be forced just to remove your previous copy of Windows and begin from scratch.

So make sure to back up the important data before you begin this process.