In March, when Fitbit announced its second smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa, the company also promised that female health tracking and Android quick replies were on the way. Those two features are now launching, along with a handful of health partner apps and clock faces.

The addition of period tracking is strategic. Fitbit has explicitly said it wants to attract more women to wearables. “We also see a great opportunity to bring more women into the smartwatch category,” Fitbit vice president of product marketing Melanie Chase said in March. The smaller-sized Versa (compared to the Ionic) is one of the ways the company is trying to do that, but software can go a long way to help.

Female health tracking

Female health tracking is launching today for all users in the Fitbit app on iOS and Windows — Android users will get it later this month. The functionality is also launching on-device today for Ionic and Versa owners.

The Fitbit app is getting the following features:

  • Stay on top of your cycle: Log your menstrual data, record symptoms like headaches, acne, and cramps. Helps you be more informed about your health and life planning, and can help you show your doctor specific details for more personalized care.
  • Know what’s ahead: See dynamic cycle predictions for where you are in your cycle and when to expect your period. Fitbit’s proprietary cycle algorithm gets smarter and more accurate as you consistently log your period.
  • All of your data in one place: View holistic data to reveal connections between your cycle and other stats in the Fitbit app, such as activity, sleep, and weight…