Mozilla updated Firefox Focus for Android and iOS with a handful of new features. Firefox Focus offers privacy benefits and performance gains by blocking many web trackers, including analytics, social, and advertising. You can download the latest version of the company’s privacy browser now from Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

Both the Android and iOS versions have gained a “Find in Page” feature for finding content you’re looking for on a website. Just open the Focus menu, select “Find in Page,” and enter your search term. Firefox Focus will highlight all mentions of your query on the site, display a count of instances, and let you use the arrow buttons to jump between them.

The feature works regardless of whether a site is optimized for mobile browsing or not. In related news, Firefox Focus now lets users “request desktop page” in the menu to browse the full version of any site.

The Android version has gained an improvement to Custom Tabs — when Firefox Focus is set as the default browser, links from some third-party apps will display the corresponding page in the familiar look and feel of the original app, including menu colors and options. The added benefit is those URLs can be quickly shared, since the link is open in a browser and not the original app. As Apple doesn’t let iOS users change their default browser, this feature is available only to Android users.

That said, the iOS version now lets users set Focus to lock whenever it is in the background and to unlock only with a successful Face or Touch ID verification. This feature is common in banking and financial…