Ugreen 10,000mAh portable battery charger for GoPro Hero

GoPro cameras are great fun and capable of capturing some amazing shots, but I do find that they burn through batteries at quite a rate.

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While you can charge a GoPro direct from a power bank, you can’t use the GoPro as a camera while it’s charging the internal battery. But accessories maker Ugreen has come out with a power bank that can be used to recharge GoPro batteries directly without going through the camera.

The Ugreen 10,000mAh portable battery charger not only features the regular USB-A 5.1V/2.4A port, but also has a slot that can take a single GoPro Hero 5/6 battery for recharging.

The 10,000mAh battery pack has enough power for the following:

  • iPhone X: 2.7 times
  • iPhone 8: 4 times
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: 2.4 times
  • iPad mini 4/Nintendo Switch: 1.4 times
  • GoPro Hero 5/6battery: 6 times

The power bank takes 2.5 hours to recharge an OEM GoPro Hero 5/6 battery. And it’s simple – you just pop open the cover on the charging slot, slip in the battery, close the cover, and the power bank automatically starts charging the battery.

You can also use the power bank to recharge a device connected to the USB-A port (which can be another GoPro containing a battery) and a GoPro battery simultaneously.

The Ugreen power bank features a soft rubberized outer that gives it a positive feel in the hand – even when wet – and gives it a little extra robustness. To further protect it, Ugreen has supplied a soft microfiber carry…