For cross-country road travel, cross-border bike travel, and city-center foot travel, there is no shortage of great navigation apps out there — Google Maps, Waze, and Here, to name but a few. But what about those forays into the great outdoors: up mountains, into the hills, and down the slopes? Well, there’s a new kid on the block specifically for those occasions.

While Google Maps has provided some coverage for ski slopes and trails for a while already, Fatmap this week lifted the lid on a new high-resolution 3D global map platform for the outdoors, aimed at hikers, skiers, mountain bikers, and everyone in between.

Above: Fatmap

The company also revealed that it has now raised $8.5 million in total to date, having recently closed a tranche of investment from Jaguar Land Rover’s VC arm, InMotion Ventures, as well as Episode 1 and Capnamic Ventures.

The story so far

By way of a quick recap, Fatmap launched originally back in 2015 after being developed in conjunction with some of the world’s top skiers, offering detailed, ultra-high resolution maps for 120 ski resorts around the world. Fast forward three years, and Fatmap is broadening its horizons to target the entire outdoors thrill-seeker market, and has worked in collaboration with several satellite and aerospace companies to build out its platform to include all summits, footpaths, huts, passes, rivers, and more.

Indeed, to arrive at the final redesigned product, the company has aggregated data from multiple mapping and content sources, and has likened its royalty licensing model to that of Spotify. “The more a particular provider’s…