This is the second part of the Excel2016 beginners tutorial.

Excel2016 beginners tutorial part 2

How to change the font size

1.Select the cell(s) to change the font size

2.Click the font size drop-down menu on the Home tab.Then choose the font size.

Excel2016 beginners tutorial

3.The text will change according to the chose size.

How to change the font style

1.Select the cell that you want to change.

2.Click on the home tab then click on the drop-down arrow next to font command.Then choose the desired font style.

3.The text style will change.

How to change the font color

1.Select the cell.

2.Click on the home tab. Then click on the drop-down arrow which is next to the font color command.Then choose the desired fon color.In our example, we have selected the red color.

3.The text color will change into red color.

Excel2016 beginners tutorial

How To use the Bold, Italic, and Underline commands

1.Select the cell that you want to change.

2.Hit bold, italic or underline command present on the home tab.In our example, we will bold and underline the selected cell.

3.The text will get bold, italic and underline.

How to add a fill color

1.Select the cell you want to change.

2.Click on the drop-down arrow which is next to the fill color command on the home tab.Then choose the fill color.In this example, we will determine green.

3.The fill color selected will show in the selected cells.

How To apply a cell style

1.Select the cell to make changes.

2.On the home tab, click the cell style command.Select the desired style from the menu.

Applying number formats

1.First, go to Home tab then click the Number format menu which is in the number group.Select the desired format.

2.You can also click one of the quick number-formatting commands below the drop-down menu.

How To insert a new worksheet

1.Find and select the new sheet button available near the bottom-right corner of the Excel window.

Excel2016 beginners tutorial

2. A new worksheet will open.

How to copy a worksheet(Excel2016 beginners tutorial)

1.Right-click the worksheet that you want to copy.

2.From the worksheet, menu select move or copy.

3.The move or copy dialog box will appear.

4.Check the box next to create a copy.

5.Click Ok.

6.The copy will be created.

Excel2016 beginners tutorial

How To find content

1.Click on the home tab.Click find and select command.From the drop-down menu select find.

2.Find and Replace dialog box will show.Write the content you want to find.

3.Hit Fine Next.If the content is found.The cell that has the found content will be selected.

4.Hit find next to find further instances or hit find all to see every instance of the search term.

5.When you are done, Hit close.

How To use Spell Check

1.Click spelling command from the review tab.

2.The spelling dialog box will show.For every spelling mistake in your work.Spell check will give you suggestions for correcting.Select a suggestion then hit change.

3.A dialog box will appear.Click ok.

How To access the Print pane

1.Go to Backstage view.

2.Choose print.The print pane will appear.

To print a workbook

1.Go to print pane then choose the desired printer.

3.Fill in the number of copies you want to print.Excel2016 beginners tutorial

4.Click on print.You can do additional settings according to your requirement.

How to change page orientation

1.Go to the print pane.

2.From the page orientation drop down menu choose the desired orientation.Here we are selecting landscape.

3.The new page orientation will be displayed.

How To adjust page breaks

1.Hit the page break preview.

2.Vertical and horizontal blue dotted lines denote the page breaks. Click and drag one of these lines to adjust that page break.

3.All the pages will now show the same number of rows due to modification in the page break.Excel2016 beginners tutorial

Introduction to formulas

One of the coolest features in Excel is the ability to calculate mathematical knowledge by using formulas.Excel can add, subtract, divide and multiply just like a calculator.We will teach you how to use cell reference to make simple formulas.

How to create a formula

1.First, select the cell that will have the formula.Here we are picking C2

2.Type the equal sign (=).

3.Type the cell address that you want to reference first in the formula.

4.Type mathematical operator.Here we will type plus sign (+).

5.Write the cell address in the formula. A red border around the referenced cell will show.

6.Hit the enter button.The formula will be calculated, and the result will be displayed.

Copying formulas with the fill handle

1.Select the cell containing the formula you want to copy. Click and drag the fill handle over the cells you want to fill.

2.After you release the mouse, the formula will be copied to the selected cells.

How to edit a formula

1.Select the cell that has the formula to edit.

2.Click the formula bar to edit the formula.

3.A border will appear around any referenced cells. In our example, we will change B7 to B2.

4.When you, are done.Click enter near formula bar.The formula will be edited.

Creating a function

There are many functions available in Excel.Most common functions are:






How to create a function using the AutoSum command

The autosum command lets you automatically insert the most common functions in your formula.Which includes sum, average, count, min, and max.In the example down, we are using sum function to calculate the total cost for a list of ordered items.

1.Select the cell that will contain the function.

2.Hit the arrow next to the auto sum command in the editing group on the home tab.Select the desired function from the menu.Here in our example, we will select the auto sum function.

3.Press enter.The auto sum function will be calculated.

How to freeze rows

Sometimes you want to see some rows or columns every time in your worksheet.You can do this by freezing rows and columns.

1.Select the row below the row you want to freeze.

2.Select the freeze panes command which is on the view tab.Then from the drop-down menu choose freeze panes.

3.The row will be frozen.You can scroll down now, and the freeze row will remain still t the top.

How To unfreeze panes

To unfreeze row or columns first click the freeze panes command then hit unfreeze panes from the drop-down menu.

How to group rows or columns:

1.First, select the rows or columns.

2.Go to data tab in the ribbon command then hit group command.

3.The chosen rows and columns will be grouped.

How to hide and show groups

1.To hide a group. Click on the minus sign which is also called hide detail button.

2.The group will hide.To show a hidden group press the plus sign.Excel2016 beginners tutorial

How to format data as a table

1.Select the cells first.

2.Hit the format as table command in the styles group from the home tab.

3.Choose the table from the drop-down menu.

4.A dialog box will show which will confirm the selected cell range for a table.Click ok.

5.The cell range will be formatted in the table style chosen.

How to change the table style

1.First, select any cell in your table.

2.Hit the design tab.

3.Find the table styles group then hit the more drop-down arrow to see available table styles.

4.Choose the desired table style.

How to insert a chart

1.Select the cells to insert a chart.

2.Hit the desired chart command from the Insert tab.

3.The selected chart will be added to the worksheet.

How to change the chart type

1.Hit the change chart type command from the design tab.

2.Select a new chart type and layout from the change chart type box.  Then click ok.

3.The chart type will change, and new chart style will appear.

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