The first day of Google’s 2018 I/O developer conference came and went, with the tech titan announcing a ton of features, products, and other future-gazing tidbits.

Artificial intelligence (AI) permeated just about every announcement Google made at the event. From Google Assistant and Gmail to Google News and Alphabet’s self-driving car unit Waymo, here’s a recap of everything announced at I/O 2018.

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is now available on more than 500 million devices — across tablets, phones, speakers, TVs, and cars — a figure that will only increase with the news that Google Home is landing in seven more countries this year. As such, Google is doubling down on its efforts to make the virtual assistant more fun and easier to use.

For example, Google Assistant will soon gain support for six new voices — including that of singer John Legend. Additionally, Google Assistant will support multiple commands uttered in a single sentence, and you will be able to converse with the assistant without having to say “OK Google” every time. In a nutshell, Google Assistant is becoming more human.

Elsewhere, a new Pretty Please feature will launch later this year to encourage children to say “please” when chatting with Google Assistant.

Voice app developers will also soon be able to share their apps anywhere on the web via an Action link — when a user clicks on it, they’ll be taken directly into a developer’s app inside the Google Assistant.

We also saw new built-in intents, which are developer tools designed to improve how voice apps understand the words people…