In this series of article, we will setup Vmware ESXi free home lab and will install SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager). In the end, we will also deploy a test package… probably Adobe Reader XI.

Vmware ESXi Free Lab Requirements:

Every individual has a different kind of lab at home. In this setup, I will be using following hardware and software.

Vmware Esxi Free Lab Hardware Utilized:

  1. PC with 8 GB RM and AMD 4100 Quad-Core Processor (we will use this machine to control our lab)
  2. IBM Lenovo Think Server TS440 with 16GB Ram.
  3. For better performance, I have also installed Samsung SSD EVO 850on Think Server TS440.
  4. Writeable DVD (You can also use USB if you desire to do so)

Vmware Esxi Free Lab Software Utilized:

  1. Windows 7 (If you like you can try newer version of Microsoft Windows)
  2.  UltraISO (This will be used to burn the ISO images – Get Free Trial Here)
  3. VMware – VMvisor Installer Version 6.0 – Download Here
  4. VMware – VSphere Client 6.0 Download Here
  5. VMware – vCenter Server Virtual Appliance Download Here

Let’s Start Building VMware Esxi Free lab….

I have already installed Windows 7 and Ultra ISO on my machine. I have also downloaded all the required VMware software and placed them in one folder as shown in the pic below.


Step 1: Burn VMware-VMvisor-Installer-6.0.0-2494585.x86_64.iso  bootable USB drive. Quick instructions can be found at Rufus. In my case, I burnt the ISO on RW DVD using UltraISO.

Step 2: Enable Virtualization Technology  (VT) in bios. In my case, those settings are under the Advanced tab. Please check your motherboard documentation for this option.


Step 3: Boot the server with DVD or USB. You will be prompted with the following screen. Select ESXi -6.0 ** Standard Installer and press enter.



Step 4: Press {Enter} to Continue


Step 5: Press {F11} to continue


Step 6: Select the  drive where you want to install Esxi and press {Enter} to continue. In my case its Samsung SSD

Warning: You will lose all the data on the partition selected. So verify before you move further.


Step 7: Select the Language and press {Enter} to continue – US Keyboard in my case.


Step 8: Enter a strong password. You will use this password to connect with Esxi server.


Step 9: Press {F11} to Install


Step 10: Press {Enter} to Reboot


System will reboot and will start with VMware Esxi


In my next post, we will be configuring VMware Esxi