eSight is a new technology. Made for people with low vision.It allows people with the low vision. To see with good vision.It has the potential to have a life changing impact. For many individuals with weak eye sight.It helps them do their tasks independently.

eSight eyewear has a high-resolution camera.It is used to capture things that user is looking at.This device is for age 8 to 88.The best thing about this device is that it is customizable.

This device effects on people with less eye sight are remarkable.It is a great device.It can help people recapture activities. They have not seen in many years. Like watching their children playing football or reading books.

Stories of eSight Eyewear users:

Here is the video of eSight users.Video explains. How this device changed these people lives.

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How eSight Eyewear works?

 A video camera is mounted on user’s head. Takes input.It displays the scene on a screen in front of user’s eyes.eSight screen is just like a 60-inch tv screen.The best thing about it.It is hands-free.

How eSight eye wear helps people with low vision?

It depends on person to person.Some people were able to read for the first time in many years.View their relative faces.People working in office environment found very useful as with the help of this device they can see small viewable things very clearly.

Although eSight eye wear will not help blind people.It is helpful for individuals with low vision. It has Wifi and HDMI.Users can send videos and pictures. A static position is used for this device.Either by sitting or standing. eSight eye wear price is about $10,000.

In short eSight eyewear is the best technology.People with low vision must try it. After using this device( eSight eyewear).They will feel a remarkable difference in their lives.