Ericsson has announced that it will be investing more in its United States-based 5G operations, with plans to open a new software development centre this year.

The new centre will focus on baseband development, and employ over 200 software engineers once opened.

It follows the launch of Ericsson’s Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Design Center in Austin, Texas, at the end of last year to develop and test core microelectronics for 5G radio base stations.

“This facility and its employees will further strengthen Ericsson’s 5G software development,” Ericsson said.

“Baseband provides intelligence to the radio access network. It is also the interface between the core network and radio units, processing and forwarding voice calls and internet data to end users.”

Ericsson is also planning to invest more in its artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities by employing 100 specialists in the North American region by the end of this year.

“This team will work on utilising AI technologies to accelerate automation, examine product roadmaps, and explore new business opportunities,” Ericsson said.

The networking giant added that it will begin manufacturing more products within the US by Q4, with its first US-built 5G radios to be produced by the end of this year with a production partner. Producing more products in the US will “increase flexibility to shorten the timeline for new product introduction and product delivery to customers”, it said.

“Ericsson will recruit a dedicated team to work specifically on…