Driving traffic has been a hot topic ever since blogging existed. If you are like me, you must be tired of reading all those blog posts that tell different traffic generation methods.

Down below are different successful case studies to generate traffic. From these, you can learn lessons.

Proven Ways to Get Massive Traffic to your blog

1. Drive traffic from SlideShare

If you are into social media, you must be aware of slide share. It is a website that let you upload and share powerpoint presentations online. Do you know that SlideShare could also be one of the best sources to drive an insane amount of traffic to your website?

Guide to driving traffic from SlideShare

Step 1- Create a SlideShare presentation

Make a SlideShare according to your blog posts. Suppose, if you’re writing a blog post about ‘computer technology,’ Create a slide share according to that post.

Ways to create a presentation.

Let’s have a look at them

  • Create a presentation on your own: Creating a presentation is not very difficult. You can create a presentation by using power point.
  • Download a PowerPoint template:  Download a PowerPoint template online and start customizing.
  • Hire an expert– You can also hire an expert designer from Fiverr to create a presentation for you.

Step 2- Choose the right images

Select beautiful images in your presentation. You can get help from google for that.

Step 3- Set links and publish it

The cool thing about SlideShare presentation is that you can embed links and also put call-to-action buttons into your presentation. When everything is done, you can go ahead and publish your first presentation. Once it is on air, begin promoting your presentation on social media.

2. Driving traffic from StumbleUpon

People ask me -Is StumbleUpon still capable of driving traffic to your website?

The answer to this question is yes. My recent posts have got a lot of stumbles from Stumble Upon.

Studies tell that Stumble Upon can provide you three times more traffic as compare to Reddit.

With little efforts, how can you still get traffic to your blogs by using StumbleUpon?

By spending a few bucks on advertising.

Now you might be asking your self – is it worth spending money for advertising on SU to get traffic?

Right advertising can open the way to get traffic from StumbleUpon to your blog.

Guide to drive traffic from StumbleUpon-

Step 1- Create the content to advertise blog posts

Look at the statistics, Find out the hot topics.

You can also make a landing page for StumbleUpon audience. If you’re on WordPress, install a landing page plugin and start creating a StumbleUpon optimized landing page on your website.

Step 2- Spend a few amount of money  to advertise content

It is wise to spend a few bucks to promote your blog content.

3.  Get traffic from Facebook by using Retargeted pixels

If you are advertising your blog posts by using a Facebook page, you may notice a downturn in the reach of Facebook posts. There are many reasons for that.

Advertising can be used to improve the reach of your Facebook page. It is wise to spend little money to increase the traffic than letting your Facebook traffic by testing all sorts of tricks that hardly help.

What kind of content works on Facebook?

When talking about sharing posts on Facebook,the first rule is to make your posts stand out in News Feed in this ay it grabs the user ttention quickly and easily.

If you are looking to build traffic to your posts. You will require to put the focus on sharing links and regularly reviewing the performance using Page Insights.

Getting traffic from Facebook

Facebook offers different types of advertising options.

Another easiest way of advertising is to try boosting your posts on Facebook.

What you have to do is click on the boost post option in the lower right corner of your post. You will be questioned to select from advertising to ‘people who liked your page  and their friends or people you choose through

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Don’t forget to tell us in our comments section, which one is your favorite traffic generation method.