announced a pilot program to bring on-demand self-driving car service to the Dallas suburb of Frisco, Texas, starting in July.

Working with the Frisco Transportation Management Association (TMA), will offer rides to over 10,000 people in self-driving vehicles within a geofenced area comprised of retail, entertainment, and office space.

The initial pilot will run for six months, beginning with fixed pickup and dropoff locations around Hall Park and The Star locations within the test area. The program marks the first time that Texans will have access to an on-demand self-driving car service on public roads.

The project is one of many that are underway, but it also happens amid controversies related the fatal pedestrian crash by a Uber self-driving car in Tempe, Arizona. Uber decided to put its testing on hold after the accident.

Leading up to the July launch date, office employees, residents, and patrons of these partners’ Frisco developments will gradually be added to the program, gaining access to’s ride-hailing smartphone app. Once the program is live, riders will use the app to hail complimentary on-demand rides in self-driving cars that connect to popular destinations in one of Frisco’s most lively areas.

Above: is a ride-hailing service that uses self-driving vehicles.

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“Frisco is recognized as a leader in using ‘smart,’ innovative traffic technologies,” said Frisco Mayor Jeff Cheney, in a statement. “’s autonomous vehicles will help people get around one of our most vibrant, commercial areas along…