DJI is partnering with Axon (the company formerly known as Taser) to sell DJI’s video-capable drones directly to police officers through a new Axon Air program.

Through the program, Axon will serve as an easy place for police and law enforcement agencies to buy drones, providing access to Axon’s connected data network and services. To start, DJI and Axon will be selling the professional-level Matrice 210 model as well as the more consumer-friendly Phantom 4 Pro model.

The Axon partnership makes sense on both sides. Drones do seem like a useful tool for officers to use in things like search-and-rescue missions, and Axon’s existing ties with police organizations as a hardware supplier (it make tasers and body cameras for police officers) means that it already has the channels and relationships to sell DJI’s drones to those groups.

There’s no word on what Axon and DJI are charging for the drone purchases through the Axon Air program, but interested parties can apply for information on Axon’s website. (Typically, the Matrice 210 starts at $7,999, while the Phantom 4 Pro costs $1,299.)