In this article, I will show you how to setup multiple WordPress sites (Not Multisite) on single digital ocean VPS hosting. WordPress is a very popular content management system (CMS) that can help you get your site off the ground very easily and easily. Managing WordPress is not the scope of this step by step. You can find many articles on how to manage WordPress by performing Google search.In this step by step guide, we will cover how to host two separate WordPress instances on one VPS. Each instance will have their own domain name and own hosting folder. Please make a note that this guide is for beginners or a person who has never setup two or more domains pointing to One VPS hosting. This guide also do not show how to setup Multisite WordPress.

Prerequisites For Multiple WordPress Site on Single Digital Ocean VPS Hosting:

  1. Setup VPS ( I will be using because they are super cheap Starting at $5 Per Month)
  2. Putty (Optional but highly recommended- Alternatively you can work directly in console provided by VPS hosting service)
  3. Initial Server Setup with Ubuntu
  4. Register Two Domain names with your choice of domain registrar.
    ( is popular, I have registered mine with
  5. FTP Client . I will be using FileZilla.
  6. Install a LAMP stack on Ubuntu

1. Setup VPS at Digital Ocean:

Step 1- Create account : If you already have not created account at digital ocean, you can create one at

Digital Ocean VPS hosting

Step 2- Login: Login to you digital ocean account.

Step 3- Create Droptlet: To create new droplet click Create droplet button. (DigitalOcean calls its virtual private servers as droplets; each droplet that you create is an individual New VPS for your personal use)



Step 4- Name Your Droplet (In my case Khans2), Select Size , Select Region, Select Image (UBUNTU 14.04X64 – at the time I created this article), Create Droplet.

digital ocean hosting



This should start the process of creating your droplet. Once your droplet is created, its root password will be emailed to you.(It should not take more than 5 min for the email to arrive, Check your spam folder if you don’t receive email within 30 min of clicking create droplet button).

Step-5: Log In To Your Digital Ocean Droplet

There are several different methods to login to droplet. My preferred method is to login with Putty but its worth mentioning couple more.

How to Log In to your Digital Ocean droplet With a Mac

  1. To log in on a Mac computer, open the terminal program (in the utilities folder) and type in the following command, logging in with the ip address from the welcome email: ssh [email protected]_ip_address
  2. Type “yes” when the prompt asks if you want to connect to the host. When prompted, type in the root password that was emailed to you and press enter. Although the password is entered when you type, it does not show up on the screen for security reasons.

You will then be connected to your DigitalOcean Droplet.

How to Log In to your Digital Ocean droplet With Browser:

I prefer to use Putty to log in my droplet. I suggest you do the same but you can also login to your droplet from digitalOcean Dashboard.

  1. Login to your Account and click on New created Droplet then click Console Access.

  2. This should launch your Console in web browser.

How to Log In to your Digital Ocean droplet With Browser:

  1. IF you already haven’t downloaded putty, go ahead and download it here

  2. Once putty is downloaded, launch the putty.exe and enter the information in number series. Note! You will use IP Address from your personal droplet. This step will save your putty configurations.

  3. Select your recently saved configuration and click open.

  4. Click Yes

  5. You are connected to your droplet. Its ready for your credentials to login.

In the next step we will perform initial server setup to ensure security.