This story has been updated.

Last month, Digg, an old beloved content aggregation destination, made the sad announcement to its loyal following that it was shutting down its RSS platform, Digg Reader. This wasn’t merely a product decision, it turns out, but a development as the company transitioned to a new parent company.

Multiple sources tell me that Digg, formerly owned by Betaworks, has been sold to the little-known Boston-based ad-tech company BuySellAds. The company bought Digg’s assets, as well as its editorial and revenue teams, for an undisclosed amount. Additionally, the blockchain-based digital publishing platform Civil has hired up many people from Digg’s tech team. Most recently, Digg raised a Series C round of funding that was led by Gannett.

“Our plan with Digg is to not screw it up,” says BuySellAds CEO Todd Garland, confirming the sale to me. He hadn’t announced the acquisition publicly for fear that it would give a bad perception about what an ad-tech company would do with a beloved media brand. He says the company planned to make the announcement at a later date.

“We feel it’s a great property,” he says. “It attracts a crowd that is like an internet subculture, in a way.” He adds that Digg is still editorially independent, and says his company plans to streamline Digg and build up its ad stack.

BuySellAds, Garland tells me, is a digital advertising company hoping to offer an alternative to giant digital platforms like Facebook–as well as other more spammy ad platforms. It employs about 50 people and has over 4,500 advertisers. Garland says his company is…