Germany’s largest mobile telecommunications carrier has said it is ready now for 5G, with its live 5G New Radio (NR) trial network in Berlin the first in Europe to be deployed across commercial sites, CTO Bruno Jacobfeuerborn told ZDNet.

Deutsche Telekom’s Berlin network, launched last month as part of its 5G Haus development program, was constructed in partnership with Chinese networking giant Huawei.

The companies used Massive Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (Massive MIMO) technology on four Huawei radio antennas in Berlin’s Schöneberg district: Two on Winterfeldtstrasse, and one each on Martin-Luther-Strasse and Pohlstrasse.

Using 3GPP 5G NR pre-standards on commercial sites across the 3.7GHz spectrum band for the test network, Huawei and Deutsche Telekom have attained high speeds and low latency on customer devices during tests.

“We have done a showcase of using three commercial towers, putting four antennas with Massive MIMO in there. Showcasing the New Radio based on LTE with Huawei, we showed 2Gbps throughput and with 3-millisecond latency,” Jacobfeuerborn told ZDNet during the Global Broadband Futures Conference in Sydney on Monday.

“We’re the first in Europe to do that.”

According to Jacobfeuerborn, as soon as the 5G standards are defined by 3GPP and the technology is available from vendors, Deutsche Telekom will move to lay the foundation of its 5G network in 2018 ahead of a full rollout.

Deutsche Telekom is aiming to have its 5G network go live post-2020, although the CTO would not be drawn on the inner workings of its plans for…

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