A  Great project by Carnegie Mellon.This projector can turn your whole desk into a touchscreen.

If your office remains filled with books, that created keyboards or other accessories that there is very little room for your hands.If, there was any solution to make all those things disappear.  And appear on when you need them.Many researchers at Carnegie Mellon are working to solve this problem by making that created virtual interactive displays on any desktop.They made that device after a great effort and named it “Desktopography.”

The sensor can detect gestures one does on the surface of the desk, and the projector can display all types of useful apps and pages. The gadget gives you complete flexibility regarding size and position of the virtual objects.

The primary theme of Desktopography is space optimization. Its objective is to create a system that utilizes the same space both for physical and virtual objects.

The standard prototype set up by the Carnegie team is built into a standard lamp. The projector and depth sensor cameras installed in a single socket of a light bulb.  It might be long until a market product of such sort is released but be prepared to install a lamp about your desk and if you are designing a new office ask your architect to get you a fire just above your desk!

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