Cyber attackers are targeting the video game industry more than ever. In this VB Live event, security experts share the secrets to proactively securing your environment and protecting against the increasing number of hacks, DDoS attacks, and more. 

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Cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually by 2021, and the video game industry in particular is being targeted. Indie game developers, such as those like free-to-play gaming company Smilegate West, are particularly vulnerable.

Smilegate is known particularly for CROSSFIRE, a popular first-person online shooter, and to monitor and combat fraud, says Arash S.Haghighi, Smilegate’s manager of infrastructure, they have not just anti-fraud tools, but a security team on the clock 24/7.

When attacks happens, Haghighi says, they’ve discovered how important it is to be able to analyze the scope of the attacks, find the issue, and begin to resolve it immediately — before repercussions can start to multiply.

And that’s because they’ve thought ahead, he adds, which is the central key to ensuring your game is as secure, and as defensible, as possible.

“We have the policies and procedures in place, we know our architecture, and which parts are most vulnerable,” Haghighi says.

For example, if your service will be just serving on a port AT or 443, when you launch the service, you don’t need to open another port to the public. It’s the kind of planning that needs to start in game development, and needs be on par in importance with things like character design and monetization strategies.


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