Dell’s new Latitude 7285 is the world’s first wireless charging laptop.So you don’t have to carry a long cable with you where ever you go.  According to its company, this is world’s first laptop that has the best quality to charge wirelessly.


This laptop price begins at $1,200.It includes some hardware as well.It has IntelCore i5-7Y54 processor.Ram of 8 GB, and SSD storage is of 128GB.It also has a camera on the front of the laptop screen.This Laptop has two Thunderbolt3 USB-C ports.Micro  SD card slot is also available.Sim card slot and headphone jack are also on this laptop.Its keyboard is unique as well.It has the battery inside it.So, it’s going to double the life of your product.

Now comes the charging part, it is much like charging on phones like the Galaxy S8.It means charging mat is required for laptop charging.

Dell did partnership wit WitiTricity for this wireless charging technology.

It is thrilling!But there is bad news.It is that one has to purchase charging the keyboard and charging mat separately.They do not come in $1,200 price.One has to buy them separately for $380 and $200.Dell brings you a fresh bundle of accessories that can save you money about $550.


So if you are rich, and you can afford this laptop.I will suggest you buy it and bring change to your life.

Most of the devices will charge wirelessly in the future.We all will laugh then how we used to use cables to charge laptops and other electrical appliances.

Although, this technology is very new.But after few years it will be widespread. This year iPhone 8 has built in wireless charger.

So, in conclusion, if your pocket allows you.You can purchase this excellent laptop!!!

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