Password management app Dashlane has officially launched a new email Inbox Security Scan feature in its mobile app, promising to give users feedback and insights into the security status of their myriad online accounts.

The company first teased the feature as part of its “kill the password” Project Mirror campaign back in January, and it was apparently rolled into the Dashlane Android and iOS app sometime after.

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Today, the feature is ready for prime time, and Dashlane is shining a light on exactly what it’s been cooking up.

Inbox Security Scan requires you to link your email account to Dashlane, giving the company read-only access to your emails. This currently works with Gmail on both iOS and Android, and it will also work with Outlook, Hotmail, MSN, and on the Dashlane Android app.

Above: Grant Dashlane access to email account

Once access is granted, Inbox Security Scan peruses your email inbox to find all the online accounts you’ve set up using that specific email address. It then tells you when you signed up for your various accounts via a timeline and shows you which of those accounts have historically been prone to hacking.

Above: Inbox Security Scan (iOS): Results

Naturally, this is all about encouraging better personal security hygiene, and Dashlane will then invite you to save your accounts to its app, replete with a new hacker-proof password.

This is also reminiscent of the Inbox Scan feature Dashlane launched on the web back in 2015, but the landing page for that feature has since been pulled. At any rate, this latest feature is only available on mobile, which is…