Want to customize and formalize your WordPress login page?

Who wouldn’t like to customize and formalize your WordPress login page? It adds our personality to the most significant page of our WordPress site.

With the power of plugins, we can do anything we want with our WordPress blog or website in the matter of customization. At least one plugin would be possible for any customization you wish to make on your WordPress blog.

The very first page that we see while we start working on our WordPress blog’s dashboard is the Login Page. In this blog post, I am going to introduce you to the top three plugins to create your very own custom login page.

By default, the login page of WordPress is as shown below:

Default WordPress Login page

One should customize their login page because it’s another cool thing you could do on your blog and add personalization.

Customizing the login page makes your blog look more yours. You can add a logo and include the branding on the login page.

Many of the enterprise WordPress websites with hundreds of authors must have their branding appearance from this type of customizations. Many premium sites built on WordPress already hold their custom login pages. Anyhow, you can regularly customize your login page as per your liking plus interest.

List of 3 excellent plugins for a custom WordPress Login Page

Custom Login Page Customizer

Custom Login Page Customizer

The plugin is my first choice to build a custom login page for my WordPress blogs. It has higher than seventy thousand active installs, giving it the most popular plugin for creating custom login pages. Using the plugin, we can customize our login page immediately from the regular customizer which we often make use to customize this theme of our WordPress blog.

On the left pane of WordPress Customizer window, you will see the option of Login Customizer; below it, you have many options to edit and customize the login page as given in the following screenshot.

Login Customizer

This plugin, I feel, will grow more powerful as there are expectations of releasing the custom login page templates plus advanced authentification feature soon. Moreover, one remarkable feature that the plugin already has is the security add-on, using which. We can add captcha based safety method on our WordPress login page to present it more secure. Here is a sample of custom login page generated using this WordPress plugin.

Example of custom login page

Custom Login

Custom Login Page

This feature-laden plugin holds many advanced features to make your login page look exciting. However, we can’t customize this login page via the customizer. But it has separate and specific options in its very own settings page as shown below.

Settings of custom login

You need to be a little extra technically sound to customize the login page. You also have the support of customizing your WordPress Blog’s login page via getting used of Custom CSS, HTML or jQuery. The Best part of the plugin is that each part of the login page has to be customized individually and it offers various types of customizations for each element. The whole login page is separated into sections like the Logo.

Custom Login (Login Page Styler)

Custom Login

This plugin is not as standard as those mentioned above but has the same ability to create beautiful type login pages. It’s a multi-feature plugin offering some of the features in the free version while entrance to all of its features requires a premium upgrade. All the stuff that you can customize with the two plugins listed above can also be performed with this plugin.

Owing to its premium nature, it offers the better flexibility of creating login pages. If you are looking to build a login page for your business website, this might be the exact choice for you. You can choose from the following login page created using this plugin, how powerful the plugin is.

Example of premium login page

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So, these are three of the Soundest WordPress plugins to create custom WordPress login pages.