Google Alerts is the powerful free marketing tool that many people are not aware of it.So they are missing great opportunities to get traffic to their blogs.With Google Alerts you can get thousands of free articles free in your inbox. So if you want to learn about how to create Google Alerts this post is all about it.

How can I use Google Alerts?

Use Google Alerts to keep track of on who’s mentioning you, your product/service, or website. You can also use it for writing your articles. If you set up alerts for particular keyword phrases related to your niche, you will receive results from others and can get an info. For what’s being talked about.You can get help from those ideas and use them in your article.

How to create Google Alerts

The first thing you need to know about Google Alerts is to how to set them.For that, you will have to visit Google Alerts by hitting here. That will take you directly to the Google Alerts page.

create Google Alerts

In the search box field, Write the topic in which you want to see the alerts, For example, I am adding  “information technology.”

create Google Alerts

It will show you a list of all alerts related to information technology.

create Google Alerts

Before clicking on the Create Alert button.Take some time to see show options button.It will provide you with different option for Google Alerts

create Google Alerts

Follow these rules for alert settings:

  • How often: It depends on the Google Alerts you are selecting.Select as it happens
  • Sources: Select automatic source.
  • Language: Select the language that you are good at.
  • Region: choose the country where you want to rank in.
  • How many: It depends on the alert.If an alert is a guest post, then select only the best results.For a brand, monitoring chooses all results option.

Then enter the email where you want them to deliver.Then click on Create Alert button.

You are done.Congratulations! You have created Google Alerts!!