Following a Bloomberg report last November that Apple is planning an augmented reality headset under the code name T288, a wild new Cnet report claims that the headset will include both AR and VR features, as well as multiple cutting-edge technologies — dual 8K displays, next-generation wireless, and 5-nanometer processor components. Like Bloomberg, Cnet says that the headset is slated for release in 2020, though the newly claimed technologies would make it all but impossible to produce by then.

Citing “a person familiar with Apple’s plans,” Cnet claims that Apple is planning a standalone headset “untethered from a computer or smartphone” that will use a 5-nanometer processor, a technology that’s two or three generations ahead of chips currently in production. TSMC and Samsung are still in the earliest stages of manufacturing 7-nanometer chips using competing processes, and the first 5-nanometer CPUs are easily a year or two from trialing in mass production.

Notably, though the report uses the word “untethered” — a phrase typically associated with a truly all-in-one device — it also says that the headset will “connect to a dedicated box” that “won’t be an actual Mac computer” to act as its brain. To communicate the the box, Cnet says that Apple intends to load the new headset with a new wireless technology, specifically 60GHz WiGig — a yet-to-be-finalized update to the little-known 802.11ad standard that will also be called 802.11ay. The enhanced version is expected to be finalized at some point in late 2019, using unlicensed 60GHz spectrum to improve…